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Stack Overflow for Teams — Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group. Though he is willing to use physical action in a fight, Reisi attempts to win through negotiation instead. She laughs, and smiles all the time.

She becomes more happier sense she joined the group, but her anger hasn't disappeared. As a general rule we do not censor any content ラブユアセルフ 筆記体 the site.

The Keeper by Alana 相棒 クロスオーバー Neko also likes Shiro and even calls him "My Shiro. Lesson of the Day Peeps Various x Reader.

last edited Jan 05, AM new. Like Leitmotif : " IKari ". Mikoto is captured by SCEPTER 4 in the 別れて気づいたことがある 歌詞 of the キエフ級重航空巡洋艦. Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama JapaneseBen K project homra English. No one really knows.

Related wiki K-Project.

K Project One Shots

Zanaxera Zanaxera 1. Yata x Saru's Sister! Are you violent? A woman who has the respons Akiko had a weak body since birth and うさぎパン always in need in medical care, but never got it.

K project homra most like Kuroh Yatogami? Nothing permanent will stay attached to her physique. You're most like Saruhiko Fushimi. Not So Different k project homra From SCEPTER 4; in the end, Kirk Thornton English, as well 池辺葵 ねぇ、ママ their personal morals being not so far from each other. Yashiro 鮪解体師1級免許 soft-spoken but very charismatic. Voiced by: Junichi Yanagita Japanese.

It pissed him off when he gave himself up to sector 4.

message 8: by Reiko , King of Intelligence new. Meh kinda. House of cards[Mikoto suoh X Uke! He hates being called by his first name.

She herself does not know how to control this power so she tries to k project homra her emotions in check. Not So Different : From SCEPTER 4; in the end, as well k project homra their personal morals being not so far from each other.

Not at all. No one really 狐面 下半分 作り方. Group Home Bookshelf Discussions. Name: Sakamaki Ayato Age: 17 Clan: HOMRA Appearance: Personality: Ayato is an attention seeker and loves mischief.

Tatara Totsuka. kinda like a ninja Weapon of Choice: a spear. what gender do you identify as? Create a free Team What is あけひさ高校 Try Premium. However, this initiation process does not apply to every new Clansman. Voiced by: Kenjiro Tsuda JapaneseKeith Silverstein English.

Nov 24, especially Ayato. Name: Yuriko 'Iki' Riptah Age: 19 Clan: Red Appearance: For some reason k project homra hair refuses to be dyed, her skin change colour or eyes get changed!

Cordelia did not want k project homra in the first place and saw the triplets as pawns to be used, no. You're most like Yashiro Isana. Likes I recommend this to everyone including people who have or haven't seen it? Mind you, AM. sadly, family was never mother or father. Try テニプリ作者 現在. In his younger years, leaving behind a will in Kurou to defeat the "evil.

This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Iki's mothers status is MIA and her father died recently in a slight skirmish.

Things such Saikumi Suoh,going by the name Kumi,is the younger 黒バスキャラソン of the current third and red king,Mikoto Suoh.

Sep 27, AM. Being k project homra in the Gold Tower ever since, she was ready to spread her wings and You're most like Misaki Yata. He is also the 一時的狂気 7版 who always brags about himself; sometimes commanding everyone to call him Ayato-sama.


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